January 10, 2012

It's a marshmallow world...

It might not snow here this year (and after last year, we can hardly complain) but that's not going to stop us from having some fun.
After picking up a few snow-themed books at the library, I pulled out the marshmallows and let the girls play. E did a great job building a marshmallow igloo, while A used toothpicks to create "snowflakes."

Then we built a candied snowman to complete the scene. (I know the igloo looks a little worse-for-wear in this picture. It may or may not have been attacked by some hungry little girls!)

I think all these marshmallows are just begging to be melted down and mixed in with some rice krispies, although E's made me promise we'll save some of the little ones for "snowman soup" (aka. hot cocoa).

The Snow Day by Komako Sakai

This is one of those mood books that doesn't tell a story so much as captures a feeling. A little rabbit wakes up to find that it's snowing. School is canceled, the streets are quiet, and his father's plane is grounded. All day long he and his mother wait for the snow to stop.

This book is like a poem, capturing the quiet still feeling of a snowy day with it's sparse language and lovely illustrations. A sweet book to read before bed after a cold winter day, and a nice companion to the classic The Snowy Day.



  1. My kids love marshmallows for building! It has been so mild here; it doesn't feel like January in New England!

  2. I love your snowman! What fun you had with marshmallows!

  3. We haven't had much snow here this year either. I don't like snow for the most part...but I'd love a few days of it. This looks like fun. Tomorrow is a late start day for my oldest, so maybe we'll pull out the marshmallows.

  4. My 2yo boy just woke up from his nap when I was looking at your post (I was at the photo of your smaller girl A) he pointed and said "belle" (french for pretty) I thought I'd share it made me smile and I'm sure your little one would be happy to know she's got an admirer lol :) Love the post btw!

  5. That's funny - I have Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin all ready today for the snow we were supposed to get today - but it's blue skies and 40 degrees right now. I briefly considered marshmallow igloos - before settling on another "Plan B"

  6. How fun! I love the simple marshmallow activities. My daughter would be nuts about this... if she could take the time to play with them before eating them all. :) Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. I meant to tell you that I made Superheroes and Princesses private, but I am blogging publicly here: http://snacksandstories.blogspot.com/

  8. I'm with you...marshmallows are tons of fun..and you have a way of making everything look delightful!


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