February 23, 2011

the weak helping the wounded

I received the sweetest package today from "WonderMom" @ The Fantastic Five. She had seen my post on my car accident, and she and her kids wanted to send my kids a little care package while I healed.

My girls were thrilled with the giant coloring roll, markers, and sculpting clay we received. The package arrived while I was on the phone with my sister. I read her the note written across the back of the envelope: "Sorry this is so late, but we've been recovering from the flu!" My sister said, "Isn't that always the case? The weak helping the wounded."

It's true. We moms are sometimes barely surviving day to day. And yet when crisis strikes, it's fellow moms who step up and help out. It might be all we can do some days to get everyone clothed, fed, and to school on time, but when called on, we'll bring meals, help clean homes, watch each other's children, and send care packages to women across the country!

All because we understand what our fellow women are going through. Thank you WonderMom for your sweet kindness, and thank you to all of you mothers out there who struggle day to day and side by side with other moms. Be encouraged - you are an encouragement!


  1. Wonder Mom is the sweetest! How thoughtful!

  2. That's super sweet of wonder mom She really is a wonder mom! Hope you're feeling well.

  3. Awww, shucks!

    I had to giggle at the title of the post, 'cause I never really thought of us having been "weak", but I suppose we were. (But what we had PALES in comparison to what you have been going through!) What an interesting statement by your sister...

    Oh, and I am SO GLAD the girls enjoyed the prezzies. They are TOO CUTE!

  4. Your sister's words are so, so true. Mamas are the best :)

  5. This gift look like it will fill hours with fun! It is great to have friends across space and time.

  6. What a kind and thoughtful pick.me.up GIFT!!! That is what I love about blogging the most---such beautiful people supporting and caring for each other!


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