February 22, 2011

Guest Post: Benjamin's Mama

I'm swamped this week with family in town for my husband's grandmother's funeral, so I've asked a couple of my dearest friends to guest post for me. These women have encouraged me in blogging over the past year, and I'm so excited that they were willing to contribute to this blog! 

Michelle is a mother of two little boys, ages 4 and 8 months, and she also watches a delightful little girl part-time. She's highly respected among our circle of friends as a great mother. Take it away, Michelle!

It was 74 degrees here! There weren't any rainbows, but it was a beautiful day nonetheless and we made a fun 3-D rainbow mobile.  This project is easy and you can find the simple directions for making the mobile at DLTK-Kids.  Basically, you print the template and have the kids color a rainbow on both sides of each paper. Then you slide the pieces together to make a 3-D image.

In keeping with the tradition of Little Page Turners, no glitter was used, but if you wanted to make your rainbow sparkly, grab a paintbrush and give it a salt bath.

Look at that concentration!   (The sweet little girl isn't mine, but I'd claim her any day of the week.)

Over the Rainbow by Judy Collins, illustrated by Eric Puybaret

Admittedly so, this book was purchased for me as much as it was for my children! The illustrations are phenomenal, the writing has obviously stood the test of time, and to top it off, the autographed book comes with a soothing three song CD. My oldest child is autistic, so we are constantly trying to foster imagination. This is sometimes hard to achieve for concrete thinkers, so this book was just perfect for us. We have all sung this song to our children sometime or other, but have you ever read or thought about the lyrics? "Heaven opens a magic lane", "...there's a rainbow highway to be found", "...just a step beyond the rain", "and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true"... this is just a sampling of the lyrics that inspire you to dream, to create, and to inspire others to do the same. You see why this book is great for the parent as well?


  1. Love it! And what an adorable little girl! ;)

  2. What a bright and cheery craft!!! We love rainbows around here. Thanks for sharing!!


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