January 24, 2011

P is for pretty, patient, petite peas!

Can you tell the pea is doing yoga? I think he at least looks fairly at peace, which is more than I can say for myself these last few weeks. But they have been productive... A is potty-trained, our offer has gone through the initial stages of approval with the seller's lender, our house is listed and we've had a lot of interest in it.

And I even made it to the library this week! One of my favorite finds was a book I've been meaning to check out for ages:

by Keith Baker

LMNO Peas 

How can you resist such an adorable title? Inside, it's just as cute. Little green peas dot every page, showing off their amazing alphabet skills. The A peas are acrobats and astronauts; the B peas are builders, bathers, and bikers... etc. Each page features a large letter surrounded by talented, alliterated peas. My girls love it, and I have to admit I also find the little green guys ridiculously charming.

So we pulled out the paint for the first time in weeks to create our own alphabet pages.

I cut out construction paper letters: E for her initial, and P to teach my littlest a new letter of the alphabet. She absolutely flat-out refused to learn it. She wouldn't say it, wouldn't remember it, and let me know in no uncertain terms that she had no interest in me quizzing her about it. I'm hoping the knowledge sunk in anyway. She did enjoy painting fingerprints all over the paper, as did her big sister.

When it was dry, E and I had a blast bringing the peas to life with an ink pen and some e-words like:

and of course,

and my favorite (which I drew)...

It turned out to be a fun little project, and it felt so good to do something creative again with my girls!


  1. So fun!! I am definitely adding that one to my list! My girls would love this project. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Too cute! We will have to try that book.

  3. I just love those peas! So cute! I wonder, will doing this project make my girls actually eat their peas? (Probably not!)

  4. Thanks for reminding me about this book! I've wanted to read it for a while too, but I always seem to forget to grab it. Congratulations on the potty training and house offer! Those are huge accomplishments. I hope everything goes smooothly with the sale of your house, and the purchase of the new one.

  5. I love all the peas. They look so happy doing all their activities.

  6. So cute! We read that book a few months ago; it is super cute.

  7. "E"xcellent peas! I'm so glad you managed a little creative fun in the middle of the chaos :)

  8. This is so fun!
    My kids would have a blast making "P" things!

  9. Those are such cute pictures. We did P for Pizza last week. Hope your move is going well. Miss seeing your post!

  10. Love that book. Hooray for the potty training...my son has also made strides in that department this month!


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