January 25, 2011

Rhyming Dust Bunnies

Jan Thomas is my new favorite children's author. I discovered Rhyming Dust Bunnies a few months ago and was thrilled to find the sequel at the library last week.

by Jan Thomas

Here Comes the Big, Mean Dust Bunny! 

Ed, Ned, Ted and (rhyming-challenged) Bob love to rhyme all the time. What will they do when the big, mean dust bunny joins their rhyming game? They'll do what they do best!

These books are perfect for 2-3 year olds. Bright, colorful illustrations, a simple story, and fun rhymes on every page hold even the squirmiest listener's attention. With Thomas' trademark humor, you're sure to enjoy it as much as your kids!

Before I picked up E from school, I set up this little book-related rhyming activity. (Along with a plate of chocolate chip cookies, because what's better than coming home from school to fresh baked cookies?) I scanned a page from the book and taped it to a dry erase board. Above Ed's head I wrote a word for E to rhyme. 

She had to come up with two rhyming words and one non-rhyming word for poor Bob. We started with simple words like "big" and "cat" and moved our way up to "bless" and "under." (Yes, that's The Hunger Games on the table there. Incredible book! I read it in a day and am now chomping at the bit waiting for a copy of the sequel to become available at the library.)

A also got to be part of the action by erasing the words when E was done... and by eating her fair share of cookies.

This activity was a great success, allowing E to practice her writing and rhyming skills in a fun way. With pre-readers you could always write the words for them, and early readers could use sorting cards to find the rhyming words and place them over the dust bunnies' heads.

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  1. This is wonderful! I love the way she can work with rhyming words over and over again.

  2. We like the books too. Cute extension idea!!! Cookies look great.

  3. Oh, this would be a GREAT book/activity to include with Spring Cleaning...ADORABLE!!!

  4. For some reason my daughter never warmed up to Jan Thomas books even though I agree with you - they are very fun. I like this rhyming game - I should try it out here too.

  5. These books sound so fun. Most importantly, the children love them too!!! ~Val

  6. I love this idea!! We just got the book from our book fair last week and I can't wait to do it with my class. Would you mind sending the scanned image?

  7. Stacy - I'd be happy to, but you'll need to send me your email address!


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