December 16, 2010

Christmas Tree Cards

We took the morning to make Christmas cards for the neighbors. I found this cute kid-made card idea at Goody Goody Gumdrops via One Pretty Thing

Five strips of scrapbook paper, cardstock, and a gluestick was all it took to make some adorable handmade Christmas cards! Even A was able to help with this one. While the girls worked, we had a fantastic view outside of the falling snow!

It never snows in December here in southeastern Virginia! What a great early Christmas gift!

After the snow turned into rain, we headed back indoor to bake some scones to go along with all those cards. For the BEST SCONE RECIPE EVER head over to Beautiful Nest. I made three batches - chocolate chip, cinnamon pecan (not shown), cranberry/white chocolate chip (which didn't turn out very pretty so I kept for ourselves), and orange/cranberry.

Great Joy by Kate DiCamillo

(GREAT JOY)Great Joy by DiCamillo, Kate[Hardcover]{Great Joy} on 14 Sep-2010It's beautiful. I cried. Trust me - get it from your library and read it to your kids. You'll both be blessed.


  1. Look at your snow. What fun! Did you have a snow day today with no school? We're still waiting for our first one of the year has to get really nasty for them to cancel to school in our district.

  2. The cards are very pretty. Your little one looks so pretty all dressed in pink in the snow. Sassyfras loves to be head to toe pink too.

  3. How exciting! We haven't had snow here in MA yet! The kids are so anxious.

    Very cute cards!

    I love the head to toe pink in the snow too. My daughter is often all in pink.

    Scones sound yummy.

    I guess I have to find that book!

  4. A craft we can do here at our house, yay! Ali thanks you. :) Hope you enjoyed the snow day. I didn't take Ali out b/c she keeps complaining about her exposed toe being cold in that cast of hers! Hopefully it comes off tomorrow!

  5. What a terrific day! We'll look for the book.

  6. I love Great Joy, it was one of my after Christmas finds and it's so perfect.

    I was thinking of making those exact same cards.

  7. I love those cards - so simple and they look gorgeous.

  8. So jealous of your snow, and the cards look great. I have to look for this book.

  9. Snow is such a blast!
    Love the cards1

  10. Cute Cards and those scones look easy and yummy! I added them to my bookmarks :)

  11. Cute Cards and those scones look easy and yummy! I added them to my bookmarks :)

  12. This is a great idea - thanks
    Merry christmas !

  13. I was thinking. I have tons of ribbon along w/some scrapbooking paper that I saved to use as borders on cards. I could use one, the other, or both on a card. I love this card! Thanks for the idea!


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