December 19, 2010

Teacher Gift

I have four days to make five handmade gifts. Wish me luck. I'm grateful that these two for E's teacher are already finished. They were simple enough that E could help me make them.

Hand Warmer
I borrowed this idea from my friend Polly @ Helping Little Hands. Two 4.5" squares sewn together and filled with rice and dried lavender (optional) make great little hand warmers to use during recess. I used some scraps on hand and let E help me with the sewing. If nothing else, they'll make good bean bags for classroom games.

Sugar Scrub
I've been wanting to make these for years! It's so easy, I don't know why I waited. I found cute little jars at Walmart for two dollars each. I filled each about half full with sugar and then poured the sugar into a bowl to mix with enough olive oil to dampen. Then I added dried lavender in the hopes of scenting the scrub. It didn't work, so I'm going to have to beg a few drops of lavender oil from a friend tomorrow. I tried out the scrub, and it works great!

Mary's First Christmas by Walter Wangerin Jr.

Mary's First ChristmasAnd if you're looking for a good Christmas book to give as a gift, this is my absolute favorite. You can read my review here. The book is set up in short, gorgeously illustrated chapters, making it perfect to give NOW, a week before Christmas.


  1. I bet they'll *love* that! I've never made a sugar scrub before, I bet it smells amazing. And how long do the heat warmers stay warm for?

  2. Great job with the handwarmers and thanks for the link!

  3. I have wanted to make sugar scrub for a while too. Someday.

  4. I made rice heating pads for gifts last year and they went over really well. I'm sure your hand warmers will be very much appreciated. I love the sugar scrub idea! I might make some of that for myself. And the jar is super cute. That would also be a great way to recycle old jar candles.

  5. I love those little hand warmers! I should make some for my husband. Right now, he uses an old sock filled with rice when he needs a little heating pad. Yours are much more attractive!

  6. SERIOUSLY???????????????
    THESE ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Great ideas! The sugar scrub sounds fabulous! ~Val

  8. I could use those handwarmers. My hands are always cold. I posted about our teacher gift today.


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