April 19, 2011

Who needs Peeps?

When you've got bizarre mutant monster marshmallow chicks to eat?

I'll admit it. I almost didn't do this post because these little guys turned out so... odd. But I've been yelled at by my friends for only posting my successes, so here you go. How to make weird-looking marshmallow Easter chicks:

First, be inspired by this post at Living Locurto. Think to yourself that those look adorable and easy and decide to try them, only without the edible markers (because how often do you draw on marshmallows anyway?) and the frosting (because there's no way I'm whipping up an entire batch of frosting for this little craft).

Next, smoosh a jellybean into a marshmallow, hard.

Now melt some chocolate chips and "draw" your eyes and wings with a toothpick.

Break a toothpick in half and insert both pieces into the marshmallow as legs. Now all you need is the "feather" on top. Mix powdered sugar, milk, and food coloring together to form a thick icing. Blob on top.

And there you go! An odd-looking but definitely delicious sugary treat sure to please your kids.

As long as you don't try to take their picture!

Be Patient, Little Chick by Claude Clement

Be Patient, Little Chick (Reader's Digest Young Families, Inc.) - 2001 EditionI was pleasantly surprised by this library find. From the moment Little Chick is born he is impatient to do more and be more than a little chick. His mother preaches patience and after several scrapes, he learns his lesson and appreciates his mother.

It's a very straightforward story with a clear moral, but I think that's what makes it so charming. It has a vintage feel of the type of story I might have been read as a child. The illustrations are warm and lovely. Definitely worth a check-out if you happen upon it on your own library shelves!


  1. Oh, cute...my kids would love it...mutant chick or not. I've seen people use those markers...but I agree. I thought of dipping a toothpick in my food coloring gel...but I like the idea of melted chocolate chips better.

  2. I love your peeps! Yours probably taste better than the other kind. I always thought they where super sugary.

  3. My fun foods don't always look cute, but the kids don't care. It's all fun!

    I love that last photo.

  4. I love them! Probably because they are not perfect! Too cute!

    I am glad to see that your move went well! I hope you are settling into your new digs! : )

  5. Oh that looks like fun. I have some kids who'd love this!

  6. Way too cute!
    And very creative!

  7. Ok, yours do not look all that dramatically different from your inspiration - and I have to say adding chocolate to anything is an improvement! Looks yummy and fun!

  8. These are so fun! I'm sure they look more like chicks to the kids than they do to adults! I bet they are delicious. ~Val

  9. Great idea! I am not a huge "Peeps" fan, but these are a wonderful alternative!



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