April 21, 2011

Easter Window & Our Favorite Easter Story Books

The girls and I decorated for Easter this morning with a lovely stained-glass cross on our front door. I thought about doing this project on our back door, but our neighbors might as well know from the start that we're a little craft-crazy around here.

I just love the effect of tissue paper stained glass. For this project, I made the outline of a cross with masking tape and then let the girls fill it in with cut pieces of colored tissue paper.

They both did a great job and even A was entertained for quite awhile sticking up the tiny pieces of tissue paper.

To keep the paper stuck on, we first applied a watered-down solution of washable Elmers to the window with a sponge brush. Filth Wizardry recommends glue pens, but I haven't been able to find any around here. (Did you ever see her tissue paper window collage? Amazing!)

The cross is just as lovely from the inside. I can't wait to see what it looks like at night!

Our Favorite Easter-story Books:

I've reviewed all of these books before, but I thought it would be a good idea to visit them again. Finding books to explain the Easter story to young children is difficult, but here are my favorites.

The First Easter by Carol Heyer

The First EasterI think I found this one at Walmart. What I love about this book are the illustrations. They are gorgeous and none of them actually show Jesus' face. The story is explained in detail, although you may wish to rephrase or sum up parts, as the writer doesn't take the time to explain what a "Pharisee" is or what "Passover" means. To see more pictures from this book, visit my original review.

The Easter Story by Patricia A Pingry

The Easter StoryThis is the go-to board book for explaining the Easter Story to young children. The illustrations are nothing special but the story is told succinctly and at a level appropriate for little ones. Read my original review.

Let's Celebrate Jesus on Easter by Amy Beveridge

Let's Celebrate Jesus on Easter (Happy Day Books: Holiday)I have no problem enjoying secular traditions along with sacred ritual. We enjoy decorating eggs and doing crafts about bunnies as well as attending Good Friday and Easter Sunday services. This book helps put those secular celebrations in perspective and even connects them with spiritual truths kids can appreciate. Read the full review.


  1. I love tissue paper stained glass crafts. Your cross is very pretty. We have always used contact paper; I'll have to try this technique.

  2. What a wonderful cross! I love its colors!

  3. Oh I love it!!!! So beautiful. Let's start a neighborhood trend. Gonna make one of these. :) I'm not sure I have that much tissue paper though. Do they sell it in little squares? Showing off my little knowledge of crafts.

  4. Awesome idea! We are definitely trying this one :) Happy Easter!

  5. What a great fun idea! I have never seen tissue paper stained glass projects. It is delightful.

  6. It's lovely to see that you like my picture book The First Easter and that it is part of your Easter celebration!
    Thanks so much!
    I love the tissue paper cross, it's very beautiful!

  7. I'm with Christy - we've always used contact paper - but right on the window would be so much fun! I hope your new neighbors appreciate your craftiness, as much as we do :)


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