April 17, 2011

We heart Splotch

I'm back! Our move went great (despite the rain - and snow!). We've been busy unpacking, decorating, and enjoying our new digs. But I couldn't let the week before Easter go by without any posts, so I'm back to review one of my favorite new books:

Roly-Poly Egg by Kali Stileman

Roly-Poly Egg

Of all the books I received from Tiger Tails, this is by far my favorite. Splotch is a little bird who lays an egg: "small- yes, spotty- yes, and absolutely perfect in every way!" In her excitement over her egg, she drops it and thus begins the egg's adventure through the forest.

Each page chronicles the egg's journey from animal to animal and finally back to Splotch. The illustrations are beyond adorable and have a Carle-esque feel in their paint and cut paper collages. A dashed line on each page encourages children to trace the egg's path. In the end, kids get to lift the flap of Splotch's egg, for a delightful spotted surprise!

This book just begs for fan artwork, so we pulled out our paints after church today and got splotching!

I let the girls pick out two paint colors and then they mixed and went to town on the paper. We used folded cardstock so we could give these away as cards.

We each thought our painting was small- yes, spotty-yes, and absolutely perfect in every way!

Disclaimer: Roly-Poly Egg was provided to me courtesy of Tiger Tails Books free of charge in exchange for a review. This does not in any way influence my review.


  1. These would like delightful on a children's bedroom or playroom wall.

  2. What a super cute version of Splotch!

  3. I've seen this book around, but you've given a lot more information about it. It looks like a good one.

    I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how your move went. I'm glad you're settling in!

  4. I LOVE this project - I've absolutely got to find a Sploch book! Glad you're getting all moved in :)

  5. Lovely work!! Giving more life to a story.


  6. Glad the move went well. We haven't read this book yet, but it looks so cute and I love the project.

  7. very sweet! I love how your splotches turned out. :)

  8. Love the book! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the art work!
    Glad your move went well!

  9. I think if you just painted the walls to your new pad like Splotch you would be done and settled in no time... ;0)

  10. The cards are adorable. Glad to see you back!

  11. I love this idea and that book looks fantastic. I am happy to have found your blog and I can't wait to take a look around. There is nothing I love more than children's books.


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