May 16, 2012

Rainy Day Activities

It's a rainy sort of week and A has been stuck at home with a cold. My three year old might be happy to watch Tangled all day, every day, but I am not. So we have been busy with one boredom buster after another. Here are two of my favorites...

The first is to create towers out of packing peanuts. You know those biodegradable peanuts made out of corn starch? I figured if they melt when soaked, maybe they would just get sticky when wet.

Sure enough, all you have to do is wet one end with your finger and it sticks beautifully to another peanut.

It'll also stick to your finger, so keep some washcloths on hand.

The girls spent close to an hour creating caterpillars and towers. When they were done, everything wiped up easily with a damp cloth.

This next one I found at The Hippie Housewife via Pinterest. It's genius in its simplicity.

Simply add paint to ziplock bags and tape to the table with a sheet of paper under the bag. I used sandwich bags, which worked perfectly and didn't require a ton of paint. After she tired of squishing the paint, she started to write letters. "Hey, mom! I drew an A!" I used the opportunity to teach her several more letters of the alphabet.

So what are your favorite rainy day/sick day activities?


  1. We will need to try the baggie painting.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh how I adore packing peanuts! The shear fun of "lick and stick" crafts are always a big hit in our household too...

  4. Yes! Those are great kids love both of them!

  5. I have a box of peanuts but they are the actual Styrofoam ones! Boo. :/
    I am going to be licking all the packing peanuts I see now to find those...
    Thank you for the great ideas!


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