February 29, 2012

Leaping on Leap Day!

After seeing this idea on Teach Preschool, I thought I'd whip up some lily pads of our own this morning.
To make these lily pads, I simply cut the shapes out of construction paper, numbered and laminated them.

Using painter tape, I secured them to the ground and then the fun began! A is great at counting but she still struggles with number recognition, so we played "Quick, little froggy, find the... 1, 5, 8, etc." Then she had to jump on them in order... then backwards... then Mommy got to jump on the numbers A called out (silly Mommy was often wrong and had to be corrected).

 Then we tried to teach the dog how to count... rather unsuccessfully.

Then while Mommy got back to work on Big Sister's birthday party preparation, A placed the correct number of "bubbles" on each lily pad.

Isn't she the cutest little frog ever? To go along with this activity, you might want to check out these froggy-themed books:

by Marianna Mayer


by Mo Willems


by Jon Sciezska


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