January 31, 2012

Doodle Valentines (& a great activity book)

There are so many great Valentine's ideas out there, I had a hard time deciding on what to do for each of the girls' classes. But when I ran across this doodle valentine from Inchmark, I knew I'd found the perfect one for E.

Brooke provides a free pdf printable that includes the frame and a simple doodle-person shape. Give your kid a fine-tipped pen and let them fill in the features to draw portraits of each of their classmates. There's a place for the student's name on the front and your child's name on the back. She designed them to fold with a spine so you can place a small treat on the inside. I picked up a pack of little toys from Walmart and taped one inside. (C'mon, parents! Let's stop the candy-insanity!)

In the same post, Brooke mentioned a coloring/activity book that I instantly fell in love with and ended up ordering:

by Taro Gomi


He's not joking when he calls it "really giant". It's big and THICK. Each page has the beginning of a doodle and some instructions for the kids to complete the picture. This one said "draw the water". I love that E added her own fireman who is bravely battling the blaze with what looks like a large coffee mug. 

This one gave her a chance to design the flag of the country of rabbits.

Yes, they are all that random and wonderful. She's already spent a couple hours buried in the book, alone with her pen and imagination. I'm loving peeking in at the book occasionally and seeing what she's dreamed up.


  1. My daughter is making these for her classmates, too. We need to start them now that we have the class list. I think we are pairing ours with decks of cards. The kids can practice their math skills playing top it at home.

  2. My daughter has that book and she loves it! She can spend hours filling it. Just great!

  3. This really looks like a great item to have for a trip.

  4. Both the book and the Valentines look like a lot of fun!

  5. Brilliant!!!
    We LOVE doodle books!

  6. The doodle series is so fun!!!! These make the cutest valentines ever!!


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