October 28, 2011

A loose tooth!

I was beginning to think it would never happen. The child FINALLY lost her first tooth!

I had a moment of insanity where I considered making our own tooth fairy door... and then I thought about making a tooth fairy pillow... but I'm up to my eyeballs preparing for my upcoming Harry Potter party (can't wait to show you!), so I went the easy route.

I searched Etsy and found this adorable little pillow for a reasonable $10.
My daughter's new snaggle-toothed smile? Priceless!

Bear's Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson

All the Bear books are adorable, and this one is no exception. Bear is experiencing his first loose tooth! His friends do their best to calm his fears and help him pull it out, but in the end Bear is able to do it himself. Gentle rhymes and beautiful illustrations make this a quality addition to the series.


  1. I love the tooth pillow! The book looks great too.

  2. Congratulations!! What a big moment for her.

  3. Fun and so exciting, isn't it! My daughter lost her first in the middle of the night. She woke us up at 1:30 am to tell us. Too late for the tooth fairy to visit.

    Love that little tooth pillow. How much $ did your tooth fairy leave?

  4. Mine lost her first this past weekend. :-)

  5. I didn't know about the book - I'll be checking it out for my youngest who just lost her first tooth recently. The pillow is cute, too.

  6. I love love love your tooth pillow!
    She is so precious, with her missing tooth!

  7. That is the cutest pillow! It took Abby forever to lose her first tooth too.

    Bear's Loose Tooth is a cute book.

  8. I will have to get that Bear book for Lily! She's about to turn 7, and still no signs of a loose tooth....

  9. She looks cute without her toof :).


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