August 2, 2010

Shape Train

Our theme this week is TRAINS! Those of you with little boys would probably be happy if you never saw another toy train - let alone another episode of Thomas or Dinosaur Train - again. But I have girls and while we are drowning in princesses, trains are a rare treat.

This simple train craft is easy to make and reinforces both shapes and color recognition. Simply grab what you already have on-hand: a few sheets of construction paper, scissors, and God's gift to teachers and moms everywhere: a glue stick.

My glue-obsessed girls did a great job building their trains from three rectangles, one square, one triangle, and seven circles.

Of course, that's not the only thing A glued...

and no project of hers is complete without first being turned upside down, scribbled upon, and then torn apart.

My eldest independent-thinker used extra scraps to turn hers into a bustling train, puffing smoke as it races along.

Freight Train
by Donald Crews

Freight Train Big Book (Mulberry Big Book)This Caldecott honor book is perfect for teaching colors to train-loving toddlers. The sparse text on each page describe one of the train cars: "Green cattle car," "blue gondola car," etc. The illustrations are simple, utilizing only six basic colors and shades of black.

This is a great one to buy as a board book for babies and younger toddlers. There are also Spanish editions, for those of you who wish to introduce a new language to your little ones.

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  1. I love shape trains; they always look great.

  2. We do have trains coming out of our ears but I still enjoyed your post! We posted about another train themed book with sharks.

  3. Come on baby, and do the locomotion...

  4. You’ve got a great blog here. Would love it if you’d link up some of your creative ideas for toddlers on my Tot Tuesdays Linky Party:

  5. Bp ADORES this book. His favorite part is where the train crosses "twessels".

  6. Hi! I love the last train picture - I agree it does look like it's bustling along. We have some train ideas at ours which you might like - including an idea for making a ride on train.

  7. I remember loving the illustrations in this book when I was a kid.

  8. Whata fabulous train! And a great way to learn how to draw too - i.e. simple shapes make a beautiful picture. Will have to do a "shape based" drawings with Red Ted soon, I think he will love it!

  9. I'll admit I was happy to get through the Thomas the Tank Engine phase - but your craft still looks like fun :)

  10. Love the shape trains...especially the speeding one =)

  11. Another favorite title from my K teaching career and we did a very similar project. So really your child is a genius and way ahead☺


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