July 20, 2010

Summer Friends

Crafts are great, but nothing beats hanging out with good friends: Sharing a meal...

enjoying a few moments of uninterrupted conversation...

making a new acquaintance....

and eating chocolate chip cookies. :)

We love playdates... and we love our friends!

City Dog, Country FrogThis latest of Mo Willems has all the charm you've come to expect from the prolific children's author, without the sparse cartoon illustrations. Instead, the story is accompanied by beautiful watercolor paintings on every page.

The story takes place during each season, following the natural life-cycle of a friendship: from first encounters, to getting to know one another, to accepted companionship, to goodbye. The writing is excellent: simple and yet profound. 

I particularly appreciated that their friendship doesn't last forever. In today's transient society - especially in my military town - friends come into our lives, only to move away after a few short years. Yet the relationships we build in turn build us, and the influence these friends have on our lives lasts a lifetime. It's an important lesson to learn at any age.


  1. Time with friends is wonderful! It certainly looks like they think so.

    I love Mo Willems.

  2. I think it goes without saying that you could have cut me out of that photo. Game on, sister. lol... the picture of Ethan more than makes up for my mess though. :) E is chowing on that cookie- too funny.

  3. I've left you the "A Blog with Substance" award on my blog. You have such fabulous ideas and fun posts!

  4. I must admit, summer friends are the best!

  5. I love Mo Willems! This book looks wonderful! Friends are wonderful too.

  6. This book was certainly different from Willems' others. Kind of bittersweet. I think the pairing of Willems and Muth worked well for this book. The illustrations are very beautiful.

  7. hehe.. this was on the bottom of the Christmas clay ornament one on my page today. I'm not sure if they're different for everyone or not. Look at how little the kids are, and that was only a year and a half ago. So funny.


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