June 11, 2010

Flat Stanley with a twist!

The last portion of our vacation consisted of visiting with my husband's aunt and uncle. They graciously put us up (and put up with us!) for two days and nights. Instead of showing you pictures from our visit, I'll show you pictures from Flat E's visit earlier this year.

For a geography lesson and as part of a post office unit, E's pre-K class created flat versions of themselves to visit friends and family and spend a week with them. The flat classmates returned a week or two later with a chronicle of their adventures. Here's Flat E's experience.

Uncle Hal gave her personal piano lessons.

Aunt Thelma taught her how to cook...

and took her to work with her. Thelma's coworkers thought E was a charming child.

She attended the church where Uncle Hal is pastor. She was extremely well-behaved during the service.

And of course, during her visit she read lots of books!

Thanks again, Hal and Thelma for being such wonderful hosts to our children... the paper-kind and otherwise!

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

Flat Stanley (picture book edition)Stanley is your average boy until an unfortunate accident leaves him... well... flat! Stanley learns to embrace his disability and enjoys all the benefits of being flat, including being able to be mailed to distant friends. The book covers relevant issues like sibling rivalry and disabilities, but is mostly a fun silly story.

There are a whole slew of Flat Stanley adventures, but this introductory book is perfect as a bridge for kids almost ready for chapter books. E's class loved it!


  1. How fun! We participated in a Flat Stanley project last summer. SO much fun!

  2. I do believe this would be a GREAT project for my kiddos to do next year in our homeschool adventures...FUN!

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