May 17, 2010

Remember Mother's Day?

I know, it seems so long ago doesn't it... that Mother's Day when you felt loved and appreciated and were treated to cards, flowers, and a meal out. I've got a book and a challenge for you that will help recapture those warm-fuzzies you had just one week ago.

Mars Needs Moms! by Berkeley Breathed

Mars Needs Moms!I found this book too late for my mother's day list, but it's a worthwhile read anytime of year. It's a hilarious and heart-wrenching story with amazing illustrations you and your kids will love.

Milo doesn't get why moms are so great. They make you eat broccoli, do boring chores, and send you to your room when you paint your sister purple. When Martians steal his mom (Martians don't have mothers; they grow from the ground like potatoes) Milo stows away and begins to remember why moms are so necessary. When his oxygen supply is cut off, his mother sacrifices her own helmet to save his life.

Even without the lush, almost 3D illustrations, this would be a beautiful (and completely non-sappy!) story of sacrificial love. The subtle humor of the illustrations and the mischievous character Milo will endear this story everyone, but particularly little boys.

Take pictures with YOU in them!!!

I came across this post from Mandy at Sugar Bee via Fireflies and Jellybeans. She talks about a woman who made it her goal to take a picture with her kids once a month. This woman tragically passed away in a car accident, but she left behind tons of pictures her kids will have to treasure forever.

Like Mandy, this story really struck me. I have always made it a point to have pictures of me and my girls up in their room. I want them to have evidence, even when I'm not with them, that their mother loves them.

These pictures, while precious, are generally of the girls as babies. As the family photographer I take hundreds of pictures a year, but am rarely in any of them. The photo in my sidebar is a year old, taken last Mothers Day.

So, I'm taking up the challenge, and passing it on to you, to take a picture of you with your kids every month.

Okay, so it might take a little practice. This was my first attempt at holding my giant Canon Digital Rebel at arms length and snapping a shot. A better idea would be to have your husband take a picture. As Mandy notes, Ashley Ann @ Under the Sycamore has some great tips for getting into your own pictures, which mostly involve leaving the camera out and bossing around your hubby. :)

So how about it? You ready to get to snapping shots of you with your kids?


  1. I am so taking on that challenge! i have tons of pictures of my girls but very few(i could probably count on 1 hand)of me with the girls!!! Thanks for the push and challenge!

    off to look for that book at our library too :)

  2. I think this is a great challenge! I have a cousin who always says, "can you get a picture of us?" when she comes to see the boys, so I often turn it around on her and jump in the picture myself. B also has begun to find the fun in racing the self-timer on the camera to a pose, which results in some silly photos, but that's ok if they help us remember the fun!

  3. Great challenge. I'm never in any of the pics.

    How horrible that the lady died in a car accident, that is so upsetting.

  4. I'm never in any of the pictures, either. A great reminder...thanks!

  5. I love this idea--I'm not in many pics either!

  6. I started doing that at the behest of a certain Mrs. Beasley who complained I was never in any shots with my family. It's still not once a month but it's in there. This year when the braces come off I'm finally springing for family portraits. yay!!

  7. This is a wonderful challenge, and one I am willing to take on. I have lots of pics of my children, but I don't know if I am in many of them. I will also check out that book. Thanks!!

  8. This is an awesome idea! I'd like to add- take some that are just you with each individual child alone. I know that adds to the job but I have maybe three photos total of just me and my mom over 38 years.

  9. I need to do this! There are so few photos of me with or without the kids. I tend to be the one looking through the lens. Maybe I should just give the camera to them ;)

  10. I've been thinking about this a lot! And I need to totally do this! I am surprised at how I am never in the photos! I am going to take up this challenge! It so important (no matter how we end up looking in them hehehe)


  11. I prefer to say I am just specific with my requests...not so much bossing him around. Sounds better!


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