May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Books

Only a few more days until our Love My Library link-up on Wednesday May 12! Grab those cameras and head to your favorite library!

There's a plethora of mommy-themed picture books out there. Publishers know their audience well! There's the books we all know and love... Mommy Hugs, Are You My Mother, Is Your Mama a Llama, Does a  Kangaroo have a Mother Too, Counting Kisses.... But perhaps you're in the mood for something new!

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Bedtime for Mommy 

It's official - I love Amy Krouse Rosenthal. (She's the author of Sugar Cookies which I reviewed back around Valentine's Day.) In this adorable new book, a little girl goes through that difficult chore of putting her mother to bed. Kids will love this clever twist to a classic nighttime routine. I loved the illustrations which add to the short, simple sentences that make up the book.

by Tomie dePaola

My Mother Is So Smart

I have no clue if your kids will like it, but you're guaranteed to either love or hate this book. The premise is simple: a little boy tells why his mother is so smart. He praises her for all the things she does for him... baking cookies, dancing the polka, playing with sparklers, saving a halloween costume. Each activity is illustrated with soft pastel paintings of the mother facing the reader. You'll either resonate with this mother or hate the high standard she sets us moms, but either way it's a nice platform for discussing the unique memories your own child has of special moments with you!

by Kate Klise

Little Rabbit and the Meanest Mother on Earth

I know, I know, I've already talked about how much I love this book, but I couldn't leave it off a list of Mother's Day books (particularly as it's my favorite)!

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  1. I love your blog and we love books! Thanks for the suggestions, we have been going to the library almost weekly since mine was 4 months old! I hope I remember about your May 12 meme, great idea!!

  2. I have an old golden book titled "We Help Mommy" and the companion "We Help Daddy". Love the vintage illustrations and I always always wanted to have my own doll sized clothes lines, appliances and bake ware because of that book. I was a mom even when I was 4 dang it!

  3. sounds like great books for mothers day

  4. Looking forward to the Library link up! Definitely want to check out Bedtime for Mommy - looks adorable! My Mother is So Smart might be a great inspiration book for starting a project for someone else's gift - we could make pictures (or decorate some photos) to show the fun things we do with other family members (grandma? dad?) I'm inspired...

  5. Those sound amazing! I love Tommy DePaola so I need to check this one out. Have a beautiful Mother's Day weekend!

  6. I just saw this bedtime one at Barnes and Noble - it made me smile! The illustrations are so fun.

    Gotta check out the meanest mommy one:)

    Off to read about I love my library. We should be going Mon. or Tues.

    I love your enthusiasm for books!

  7. We celebrate Mother's Day in March here in the UK, but I'll be saving all your ideas for next time :)


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