November 6, 2009

Adventure - In the Land of Makebelieve

The Book - The Three Pigs by David Weisner

The Three PigsI've warned you before that I am in love with David Weisner. This man can draw. His illustrations are everything a children's book illustration should be: detailed, beautiful, imaginative. I'm a lover of words, but Weisner uses few (if any!) narration. His artwork is strong enough to carry the story.

The Three Pigs
is a great example. The story starts off as a traditional telling of the three little pigs, until the first pig escapes out of the frame of his story. He convinces the second two pigs to join him outside the scene and together they discover a world full of pages from storybooks. They hop in and out of classic stories and nursery rhymes, picking up friends along the way. Eventually the piggies re-discover their own story and decide to return... with a few adjustments to the plot!

Weisner struts his stuff throughout the book, changing the style of the artwork for each of the stories the swine enter. When the pigs are in the no-man's-land between stories, they look like they might just step off the page and into your room. Little Page loves it when one of the pigs looks out us and wonders if there is someone out there. This is definitely a story that thinks outside the box!

The Activity - Let's Pretend!

On our way home from school today Little Page created an elaborate scenario in her head involving princesses and fairies and me as the queen (of course!). She asked if we could play "pretend" when we got home. My first reaction was to think about 20 other things I needed to do instead, but I pushed those aside and said "yes"!

So we donned our imaginations and headed outside into the land of...

Dragons guarding tall towers!

Fairies flying through the air!

A princess hidden in her cottage in the woods...

And the Queen Mum!

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  1. Pretend is so much funnier with mommy playing along!

    the popcorn is SO easy to make!, I'll make a rough sketch and put it in my next post for you :)

  2. So fun...I am glad you decided to play. Sometimes that is the hardest part of being a mom!


  3. What a great post! The Land of Make Believe is a great place to travel! Thanks for linking up!

    I love David Weisner, too. We have Tuesday, and my girls love it! I don't have this book in my collection, but I should!

  4. What a wonderful imagination she has, it makes me want to jump in and play pretend with you guys!!
    The David Weisner book sounds great, I love a new take on the old tales! I will be checking our library for that one!!

  5. Your trip to imagination land makes me wish for a girl - most of our trips make me coach or tow truck driver, but I'm glad B doesn't think only daddies do those jobs. :)

  6. My girls love to pretend too. I think it's great that you took pictures of the pretending....I need to start doing that too.

    Thanks for the book recommendation too!


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