April 6, 2013

It's Spring!

I've disappeared for the last few months. It was entirely unintentional. I blinked and three months had passed. Months filled with extra projects for work, ballet lessons, gymnastics practice, and lots and lots of cups of hot chocolate and games of Ticket to Ride. It was a long, cold winter.

But now it's finally Spring! And the warmer weather and sunshine has me almost giddy. The girls have gotten so big. E turned 8 in March and A will be entering Kindergarten this fall.

We celebrated a wonderful Easter, participating in a traditional Seder ceremony with the whole family.


Leading up to Easter, we did several activities as a family, including creating a confession station where the girls could write down what they were sorry for with the intention of burning them on Good Friday.

With Lent behind us, Easter celebrated, and winter melting in the spring sun, I'm looking forward to a new season full of soccer games, ballet recitals, and hopefully lots of new books and crafts!

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