May 24, 2012

Meet Pete the Cat

Meet Pete. He's the perpetually upbeat blue cat that has stolen my three year old's heart.

Yesterday was her preschool end-of-the-year performance. It was full of your typical kids songs sung terrifically off-key by adorable children. For the finale, they showed a video reading of Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, and the children joyfully sang along. I've actually been hearing snippets of the song from my daughter's mouth all year long, and was thrilled to discover it came from such a darling book.

Pete loves his white shoes, but when he steps in a pile of strawberries turning his white shoes red, does he cry? Goodness no!
He just keeps walking along and singing his song "I love my RED shoes!" The story repeats through several different colors and the kids sing along with Pete and happily yell "goodness, no!" Because in the end, "it's all good."

Apparently Pete has been around for awhile - he's got a slew of books and his own website. You can hear a reading of A's new favorite book, download several free activity printables, or even purchase his app for the ipad/iphone. (I'll admit, I spent the 99 cents. It's a fun little seek & find game.)



  1. Pete the Cat is a big hit in our classroom.
    Love te fresh look of your blog.

  2. We own the CD of the first book and have downloaded the songs for the second and third books. My daughter is as much a fan as yours is. She and I have even taken to making up our own lyrics to the Pete the Cat songs.

  3. We love Pete the Cat! Thanks for pointing out there is an app - I am all over that.


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