April 23, 2012

Fun with Science! "Painting" with Vinegar.

I'm back! Between home improvement projects and some personal crafts - not to mention work - I had to take a brief blogging break. But I'm back with this great activity I found on Growing a Jeweled Rose via Pinterest

My seven year has always been interested in science. When other little girls were playing princesses, she wanted to do experiments. We've found some great products to encourage this interest - I'll feature one of those at the end of this post - but our three year old has been left out of most of the fun. That is until now.

I sprinkled baking soda on the bottom of a small tub and filled three cups with vinegar and food-coloring. Handing A an eye dropper, I set her loose to experiment with "painting" the baking soda with the vinegar. (Growing a Jeweled Rose used spray bottles, but the eye dropper helped draw out the activity and was great for fine motor control.)

Don't her curls just melt your heart?

She spent a good part of an hour drizzling vinegar onto the baking soda, watching the bubbles and seeing what would happen when she mixed different colors. I purposely gave her primary colors to work with. When she declared she was done, I handed her a spoon, poured some of the remaining vinegar into the tub, and let her experiment with stirring and mushing the mixture.

Two minutes to set up, two minutes to clean up, and nearly an hour of fun sensory play! That's my kind of science. :)

Speaking of science, E has been having a blast with her Young Scientists Club kits. Her grandparents bought her a subscription for Christmas, and each month she receives a new kit with five or six experiments centered around a theme. So far we've explored gases, solids, and liquids; learned about magnets; had fun with bacteria; and learned about weather. Each kit comes with a Magic School Bus themed workbook that walks kids (and parents) through each experiment and lets kids record their observations. I highly recommend these! (And no, the Young Scientists Club isn't paying me to say that. :)


  1. How cool! I love a girl who is into science! Are you familiar with Steve Spangler Science? He has a ton of really cool science stuff for kids, and most of it is very affordable. That was my favorite resource when I was teaching gifted science classes. :)

  2. Juliet is always begging me to do science--we are on this-I think lucia can join in too with the dropper. thanks! I'm going to look into the science kits, too. :)

  3. That looks fun! Abby hates the smell of vinegar, so she wouldn't even try to do the experiment. LOL!

  4. This looks like a lot of fun! Love that it is easy to clean up!

  5. We just did one similar too!!!! Pinterest is jammed full of such easy and neat ideas, huh?! So much fun! Those blonde sweet curls are too sweet!

  6. I have been excited to try this as well....you make it look delightful!

  7. Oh my goodness, my 3 year old will love this. And the young scientist kit is perfect! I have a nephew who would LOVE that! And, actually, a 5 year old daughter who will love it in a year or two.


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