December 5, 2011

Simple Child-made Christmas Story Book

Last year I ran across Musings of Me who posted an adorable 8-page Christmas storybook she made with her toddler son. I remember thinking, "I need to do that next year!" Thankfully someone pinned one of the pages, and I found out Michelle was now selling the instructions for the book as a downloadable pdf.

So now A and I have a project to work on together between now and Christmas. I'm taking my own creative liberties with the instructions, using the craft materials we have on hand and giving the project our own unique style. When we're done, we'll have a handmade keepsake book, telling A the Christmas story through her own artwork!


  1. Awe....your angel is ADORABLE!! Thanks so much for the shout-out! I hope you have so much fun making the book together :-)

  2. Book making is an excellent idea. I think I'm going to have my daughter make a book to help her remember a Christmas song she needs to memorize.

  3. Hi! I thought this would be a great project to do with my grandchildren but when I went to purchase these instructions it wanted me to join a teachers group first. Can you help me figure out or send me to the right place to just purchase this book and not have to join anything? Thank you!


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