October 5, 2010

Monsters! Easy Monster in a Bag

He's squishy, he's green, and he watches you everywhere you go. Meet Mike Wasowski's creepier cousin!

A snack-sized ziplock bag, some light corn syrup, green food coloring, and googly eyes are all you need to create a oozing creature of your own.

Pictures don't adequately capture how unnerving it is to have all those eyes shift at you while you squish this little guy.

I don't take chances when it comes to corn syrup. He's packing-taped shut and double bagged to protect against escape!

Remember I Love My Pirate Papa? Leuck has another book, this time with a Monster Mama! The illustrations are just as adorable as the pirate version and contain the same charming rhymes. The monster baby in the story tells us all the wonderful things his monster mama does for him, like comb the cobwebs out of his hair and protect him from the "scary things" (a.k.a. kids!).

Pirate Papa was A's favorite of the pirate books we brought home, and she's already taken to carrying this one around the house... and the yard. You can't ask for a better endorsement!


  1. Very cool! Such a clever idea. I remember that book! - ugh they grow up too fast!

  2. What a fabulous monster!
    I haven't seen those books but will be adding them to the Santa wish list. Think my Little Man would love them.

  3. We love this book! Thanks for the monster-in-a-bag idea. I think we'll try it.

  4. Ewww! and Cool! all at once! Would be a great craft or favor for a Halloween party too!

  5. This is so fun! My boys will love to make these..thanks for the great idea!

  6. My son would love this!
    Need find the different size googly eyes

  7. I ADORE this gooey gross monster!!! so cool!!!

  8. Just found your blog! We're doing M is for Monsters this week and I was trying to figure out what else to put in the bag besides water and eyes. I don't have any corn syrup, but I do have some clear jello. I think I'll give that a try. Looks like a great site! I'll be back!!

    Lindsey @ growingKidsMinistry.com


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