October 6, 2010

Monsters! Cyclops Visor Craft

Inspired by this visor on Makes & Takes, I created a Cyclops Visor for my own little monsters.

Foam visors would probably fit better and are easy enough to find, but I happened to be at Target today, and they had these black plastic ones in the dollar spot. All it took was a little craft foam, a really random scrap of fuzzy fabric, and a hot glue gun!

Both girls enjoyed wearing it around and growling at me (of course, because what else does a monster say?).

Jeremy Draws a Monster  by Peter McCarty

Jeremy Draws a MonsterJeremy is a child recluse who never goes outside but loves to draw. One day he draws a monster who immediately begins to demand more and more things: a sandwich, a television, a hotdog, a hat. Exhausted, Jeremy is glad when the monster decides to go out, but is quickly disappointed when the monster soon returns. This time, Jeremy takes matters into his own hands and escorts the monster out of the building. Stepping outside, a group of children invite him to play.

The story is quirky to say the least, but it's the illustrations that sold me on this book. McCarty's drawings are sparse but expressive, and make excellent use of the white space on the page. His monster is not scary, but rather comical, particularly when he dons his huge purple hat. Older preschoolers will enjoy this understated story in the tradition of Harold and the Purple Crayon.

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  1. Very cute. This would be a fun and inexpensive craft for a party!

  2. A & Z would LOVE these! I'll have to make them some using that hideous "craft fur Elmo" scarf I made last winter and have yet to wear. This is a MUCH more appropriate use for it! So cute!

  3. Lovely! My little monsters would like these. I wondered if you'd come and share with our Play Academy on Fridays? Hope you will, Cathy.

  4. My kids love that monster book. It is a very different story with a very annoying monster. The visors turned out super cute!


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