September 15, 2010

Apples: Apple Tasting!

For our after-school snack today, I hosted an apple tasting for my two favorite little ladies.

They tried five varieties of apples: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, Braeburn, and Pink Lady.

The judges carefully tested each apple on appearance, texture, and overall tastiness. 

After much deliberation, Pink Lady was declared the favorite, with Golden Delicious finishing a close second! What's your favorite variety?

Up, Up, Up! It's Apple-picking Time by Jody Fickes Shapiro

Up, Up, Up! It's Apple-picking TimeThis simple story of a family enjoying the sweet delights of apple-picking time hearkens back to my own childhood in Michigan. I have dear memories of visiting orchards in the fall to pick crisp, juicy apples. Shapiro's book captures perfectly the smells and sights of an autumn apple orchard, and rejoices in the time a family can spend there together. The language is simple enough to engage a toddler but is also lyrical and beautifully descriptive. How can you resist phrases like, "fresh-baked apple dumplings, floating like islands in a sea of milk?"

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  1. They look like they need be the next judges on Top cute...

  2. That pic of them discussing it is too cute!

    I'm not really an apple person. I like them cooked in pies or tarts though :)

  3. We held an apple tasting last fall, and the children were divided in their opinions. About half liked the sweet, and half liked the sour varieties. I'm a Granny Smith girl myself :)

  4. We just got invited to go apple picking for apple sauce apples (from the ground after the pickers have gone through) for free in the next little while. I'll have to see if I can find this book. What a great idea to have them taste the different kinds.

  5. This is such a neat idea! Pink Lady Apples are the favorite at our house, too. I wish we lived closer to an apple orchard....I don't there are any here in Texas (at least not in our area).

  6. The last picture is so adorable. I am a Gala Apple girl myself. We also enjoyed that book last fall.

  7. What a lovely idea, and a great way to get fruit in too!

    Pink Lady is our favorite too :-)!

  8. I prefer McIntosh to cook with and Gala to eat. Looks like you had a nice day for your apple picnic.

  9. That last pic is too cute! A's expression is priceless :). I'd have to agree with them. Pink ladies are awesome and Goldens' are my next choice!

  10. We had an apple taste test last year and Fuji and Pink Lady tied for first. I'll have to check out that book.

  11. Thanks for linking up at Feed Me Books Friday! I'm going to have to see if our library has this one - my dad just invited us to go apple picking!

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