September 16, 2010

Apples: Apple Prints

What would an apple unit be without an apple print craft? When I ran across two totes in a friend's bag of old craft supplies (thanks, Michelle!), I knew they'd make perfect bags to take apple picking this weekend.

I'm sure you'll forgive me for doing this craft while the two-year-old napped. Some things - like acrylic paint - are best left out of toddler's hands.

E decided on the design for her bag, which provided an excellent lesson in patterns. 

After bedtime tonight, I pulled out my trusty paint pens and add the stems and leaves. Aren't they cute? They're going to look even cuter filled with ripe, juicy apples! We just booked our hotel and I can't wait to drive to the mountains to go apple picking this weekend!

Apple Fractions by Jerry Pallotta

Apple FractionsSo when is someone going to invent Netflix for books? I can't get my hands on this one, but the few pages I can preview on Amazon look fantastic. Can anyone recommend? Full page colorful illustrations show tiny elves working with whole and sliced apples. Under each picture are factoids about not only apples and fractions but other types of fruit and even bees. The pictures alone make this book worth a second look, but I also think it would be a great way to introduce fractions... and then do an apple fraction activity on your own! Yum.

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  1. They're really great! They'll be perfect for your apple picking weekend. Have fun!

  2. My kids would LOVE doing this! I'm putting it on my list. You do such fun things with your kids, you amaze and inspire me! I've been a silent follower for awhile but wanted to let you know how great your blog is and what an awesome mom you are.... I kinda want you to adopt me! ;)

  3. I just checked and our library system has it. Yeah! I'm loving our new library system. (I'll be honest I stopped reading your blog as much when we lived in our last town because it was a little discouraging that the library system there didn't have so many of the awesome books you suggested.) I'll put it on hold as soon as some of my other holds come in thereby freeing up some of my 25 allotted holds. (Yeah, I'm getting back into the swing of "preschool" with my I've already put a bunch of your books on hold. :)

  4. B loves stamps, so I'm sure he'd love apple prints too - but during T's naptime for sure! Hope you'll come link your post to Feed Me Books Friday Have fun apple picking!

  5. These are so cute! Have a wonderful weekend away!

  6. Aaarg! I can't get it either - but it looks like a great book, and I found several others by the author at the library, that I now have on hold.

    The Dust Bunny book was a lot of fun, by the way :) And, yes! A Netflix for books, is definately needed.

  7. Oh, this is going to make your apple orchard trip even MORE special!

  8. Now you won't have to buy the bags when you go to the orchard. We usually forget to take bags and end up having to buy their plastic ones.

  9. Visiting via Skip to My Lou, these turned out beautiful - sort of like Alexander Henry's pear fabric, only better. Love it. Will have to try it with my girls.

  10. First time visitor; Love your site! I work in a public library. Have you ever asked about Interlibrary Loan at your library? My library will ILL a book if it is not in the collection and the few times I have used the service personally, I have had the book in under a week and a half. My library does not charge for this service and but some do. It would be worth asking though, since many libraries offer this service, but do not publicize it much.


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