July 2, 2010

A Plush Mouse

You won't mind having this little rodent hanging around your house! Isn't he cute? I found the pattern on Craftzine.com. Their example mouse is about 100x cuter than this guy, but that's hardly surprising considering I can barely sew.

The directions are clear and simple and I love that the pattern itself is adorable. (I think my aversion to sewing patterns comes from the 80s-ugliness of most of them.) The mouse took me a couple hours to make while I was watching a movie, but I bet you could whip it up in a quarter of that time if you knew what you were doing.

He's the perfect size to act out your favorite mouse story... say, The Lion and The Mouse. (Today, the role of the lion will be played by brilliant actor and beloved pet, Miles Page.)

Winner of the 2010 Caldecott Award, it's no surprise that Jerry Pinkney's book is GORGEOUS. The pictures will leave you spell-bound, immersed in a story told only through pictures. A subtle and nuanced retelling of Aesop's fable, the illustrations are remarkably realistic renderings of African animals while still conveying a range of human emotion. It's a worthwhile read for children of any age.


  1. Again, I "sew" wish I could "sew"! ADORABLE!

  2. My librarians were admiring that book, when I went to pick our books this week. I would have snatched it out of their hands, but it was on hold for someone else, so we'll have to wait our turn.

    The Craftzine mouse is adorable, but yours turned awfully cute, too!

  3. WE love that book. It is beautiful. WE have already borrowed it from the library on three separate occasions. I should probably buy a copy for our bookshelf.


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