July 6, 2010

Paper (and other) Princesses

Not all fairy tales are centuries old, and not all princesses are flesh and blood...

The Paper Princess by Elisa Kleven

The Paper Princess (Picture Puffin) When a little girl loses her paper princess to the wind, it begins an adventure for the paper doll as she flies over a river, past a carnival, and into town. Through her adventures she despairs of ever finding her little girl again. Eventually though, through a series of fortunate events, she is happily reunited.

Kleven's artwork is always delightful, and while I found the story only moderately entertaining, E loved it. She's read it twice on her own and asked me to read it to her once. The idea of a beloved paper princess has captured her imagination, so of course we needed to create our very own Paper Princess.

Using a simple doll shape, I cut out a paper doll for E from card stock. She used crayons, tissue paper, and stickers to decorate her doll. This was such an easy craft, but kept her entertained for nearly an hour.

While we waited for the doll to dry, she wanted to play her favorite iPod game app: Make Me a Princess. This free app is a digital paper doll your little girl will love dressing up. She can choose the hair, dress, shoes, and all accessories - including background - to build a princess of her own.

If real paper dolls are more your thing, I found these adorable vintage paper dolls available to print for free. Or you can create this charming chalkboard from Ruffles & Stuff to dress up a doll and erase her outfit when you're done!

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  1. This is fantastic! I hope my library has this book.

  2. I love this book.

    Guess what I didn't have to contact them. They just found the review along with my stART project on my blog the day I put it up. They must scan the web often. You might want to consider doing one of their books for a stART or something else too.

  3. It is time we tried to locate a copy of this book. I've read several positive reviews. E's paper princess is decorated very fancy!

  4. So cute! I was so happy to see that my library has this book, and two sequels. I added your post to my tumblr page :)

  5. Thank you for the link for paper dolls! I used to love playing with them as a kiddo, and I believe that Jungle Girl is at the appropriate "cutting skill level" to appreciate these now...

  6. Wow paper dolls have certainly come a long way! Can't believe they are now on the phone too! My favorites are still the handmade kind, personalized by little fingers.


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