July 5, 2010

Easy Princess Hat

The tiara is so 2009. With just a few easy supplies you can make this princess cone hat for the little girl (or doll) in your life.

What you'll need:
- Cardstock or poster board
- paint, stickers, etc.
- tulle


1. Draw a half-circle on your paper. The highest point of the circle will be the approximate height of the hat. I used cardstock to make this doll's hat, but you would need a much larger piece of paper, like poster board, for a child's hat. To draw a half-circle I traced a plate, but a pencil tied to a length of string should work as well.

2. Cut out the hat. The center of the straight edge will be the point of the hat. Curl the two corners toward and into each other, forming a cone. Continue to twist and shape until it is the width you desire.

3. Unfurl the hat and place a tip of the tulle in the inside of the point and tape to secure.

4. Reshape the hat and staple.

5. Decorate!

Have you guess our theme yet? This week we're diving into Fairy Tales (with a heavy emphasis on princesses, of course)!

My Bedtime Book of Favorite Princess Stories by Roger Priddy

My Bedtime Book of Favorite Princess StoriesThis is one of those books I wouldn't normally pick up, but my mom bought it for E and it became one of her favorites. What I appreciated about it was the use of clipart in place of words throughout the story. I would read the story and pause at each picture, letting E fill in the blank by "reading" the picture. This was a wonderful exercise to teach E to anticipate what the next word will be - an important skill when learning to read. (At 5 E is now reading at a 3rd grade level.)

The book includes The Little Mermaid, The Frog Prince, and Sleeping Beauty. If you're looking for a book to introduce the classic (non-Disney) versions of these fairy tales to your preschooler, this is a good choice!


  1. I need to add tulle to my shopping list!

  2. ME TOO, Almost Unschooling Mom!

    This is so sweet!

  3. Thanks for the book recommendation and the super cute project! We are all about castles, princesses, knights, etc right now!

  4. I love this hat! And have never seen the Priddy book--will have to look for it!


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