March 26, 2010

Sneaky Little Bunnies

These sneaky little bunnies have taken to hiding all over the house! There are four of them. Once they hung docilely over E's crib, but having recently escaped their attic home, they've taken to hiding in the strangest places. We found the first one on a windowsill in the dining room.

Another was spotted - ninja-style - on the canopy of the girls' play tent.

Still another tried the hide-in-plain-sight method by leaping up onto our mantle. Actually, he might have found a home here for the rest of the season... I think he looks pretty cute in that chair.

The fourth one was too sneaky for my camera. I've been told tomorrow they'll have found new hiding places and we'll have to look for them all over again!

Of course, if we're unable to find them, we can always look in the pages of a book...

The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn

The Little Rabbit (Pictureback(R))
Are you familiar with Judy Dunn's books? They are sweet little stories about familiar animals and the children who love them. They remind me of the books I read as a child, and considering the copyright is 1980, they probably are!

This story follows Sarah and her pet rabbit Buttercup from the time she gets Buttercup as a baby to the time Buttercup has babies of her own. The photographs are beautiful, natural, and full-color. They show peaceful, happy scenes of Buttercup and her adventures. These stories are about as wholesome as you get and evoke a wonderful pastoral feel of green fields, bare feet, and days full of sunshine.

I love how each page has multiple pictures that tell the story as much as (if not more so) the narration.

But if - like me - you have spent way too much money on books recently and you can't get to the library for awhile, you can always pick up a cute little book from Target's dollar spot. That's right, a buck! It's called Funny Bunnies by Anne Alexander. I saw a similar book for $6 at B&N. This board book shows pictures of bunnies along with their descriptions: "Some bunnies have long ears." This isn't going to win a Caldecott, but for a buck, it got A through our shopping trip and provided some entertainment when we got home!


  1. The little rabbit sounds really pretty!
    ...It's sad most of the book you talk about can't be found here :( even in French version...

  2. I love how you hid bunnies all over your house! What a fun game. And nice work finding a bunny book at target!


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