March 25, 2010

Easy Easter Egg Tree

Remember our Thankfulness Tree? We've given it a spring makeover for Easter to create this lovely center(master!)piece. I'll show you how we made it, but first our book of the day:

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes
by Du Bose Heyward

My daughter loves this book. It's long and old-fashioned, but she begs me to read it. In the story a little country bunny dreams of becoming one of the five Easter bunnies. The other bunnies laugh at Cottontail because she is just a little country bunny and will surely grow up to have little baby country bunnies to look after. Sure enough, she becomes the proud mama of 21 baby bunnies! Being the wise and kind bunny that she is, she soon has them grouped in pairs and trains each pair to a particular task so her household is clean, fed, and well-managed.

When it is time for the choosing of a new fifth Easter bunny, Cottontail brings her family to watch the competition. Here the wise Grandfather bunny sees that she has all the characteristics needed in an Easter bunny and chooses her for the job. The rest of the story follows Cottontail on her first Easter as she struggles to bring the children of the world their Easter eggs. In the end, she perseveres in a particularly difficult and draining task, and is rewarded with magic gold shoes.

My sister-in-law said she cried when she first read this book, and as a worn-out stay-at-home mama, I can understand. This victorious story of a commonplace (female!) bunny being chosen and honored above all others is encouraging. What I like best is that her appointment is one in which she serves. She is given the great honor of blessing others, and that's a lesson I want my daughter to take to heart.

Speaking of my daughter, she was thrilled to not have "quiet time" today and, instead, helped me make the house festive with our Easter Egg Tree. I took out a small terracotta pot and asked E to paint it.

While she was painting, I glued small flowers from the Dollar Tree to the branches.

When the paint was dry, I wedged the "tree" into the pot with floral foam. Some moss from the Dollar Tree (why did it take me so long to discover this store?!?) hides the foam, and a white ribbon finishes it off.

When we were done hanging eggs on our indoor tree, we headed outdoors to decorate the Japanese maple out front. I don't know if our neighbors think we're festive or tacky, but it's become a Page family tradition.

What are some of your family's favorite Easter traditions and books?

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  1. This is cute! I love that you do it as a family! Memories in the making!

    The book sounds wonderful too! I will have to try and find it! : )

  2. This book is adorable--I need to get a copy of it. Beautiful shot of your tree! I love the wreath in the background, too.

  3. What a great book! I love the tree too, we should put eggs on our tree outside!


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