February 3, 2010

Straight from the Heart

It's February and that means love (or at least lots of hearts, teddy bears, and candy) is in the air. We've been "snowed-in" the past few days which meant coming up with Valentine-themed crafts from our current stock of dwindling supplies. With a little ingenuity, I came up with activities for each of the girls.

E enjoyed creating this Lace-Up Valentine. I have been woefully remiss in the lace-up and tie department, but better late than never. I've seen fancy lacing cards in stores, but this was so simple. Just cut a large heart out of poster board and punch holes around at even intervals. Hand your child some markers and a shoelace!

To keep A busy, I threw together this Sensory Bin. I've seen Allison @ No Time for Flashcards do loads of these for her son, but this was my first. I found a very old box of macaroni and a bag of 17 bean soup from Trader Joes that I knew we were never going to eat. What is it about Trader Joes that makes you gleefully throw items in your cart that you'd never otherwise consider? We don't even like beans! I also tossed in some hearts I cut out of felt and fleece as well as a few silk flowers.


In no time she was scooping, pouring, picking, and sorting. Not much longer after that she was tossing, chucking, and feeding to the dog. Still, I'll declare anything that gives me 5-10 uninterrupted minutes a success!


Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart by Jane O'Connor

Fancy Nancy: Heart to HeartYou know I'm a sucker for Fancy Nancy books, especially ones that cost less than $5. This isn't quite as well-written or developed as the others in the series, but it's a nice little story for any nice little girls you may have in your life. The last page contains a sheet of stickers to help your daughter decorate a valentine of her own. Why not make it a lace-up one? :)

Where Is Love, Biscuit? by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Where Is Love, Biscuit?: A Pet & Play BookBiscuit books are always cute, and this one includes touch and feel sections on each page. Unlike many board books, the narration wasn't boring or inane, but sweet with a  message that love can be found in the family and friends that surround us.


  1. The sensor box is great! I should do that...

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I just had a question for you that I forgot to ask yesterday. Is your blog layout one of the blogger templates? If so, which one? I like the column on the right too. Mine doesn't have that.

  3. I love the laced heart! That is darling.

  4. You have such fun ideas! I have no idea what it is about TJ, but sometimes I get all crunchy and think my eating habits are different too. LOL


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