January 19, 2010

Must Love Dogs

My girls love, LOVE, l-o-v-e dogs. When E was 2 she'd cry bloody murder if an ant crawled on her, but would run squealing toward a strange doberman. Our own dog Miles is a beloved, if beleaguered member of the family.

IMG_3840 copy

It's no surprise that when E turned 3 she wanted a Puppy Party. This week I'll be showing you how we celebrated her birthday puppy-style, as well as canine-themed books your own pups will love!


We greeted our guests with a stop at the groomers. Here they received their puppy ears and collars. The ears were easy and cheap! I bought a pack of neutral-colored kids headbands and glued felt floppy "ears" to them. A brown eyeliner supplied the whiskers and nose.


Once they were decked out, we sat them down at a table with pony beads, string, and little tags labeled with their initials.


Even the two-year-old was able to thread the beads with a little assistance.


Once the transformation was complete, they were sent to the dog house!


Isn't she the cutest puppy ever? Almost as cute as this little guy...

McDuff Books by Rosemary Wells

I grew up with a collie named McDuff, which may be one reason I am completely in love with these books. They are sweet, simple stories of the antics of one lovable terrier and his family. Geared towards preschoolers, these books are short enough to hold the attention of toddlers but so charming even school-aged children will enjoy them. In few words she captures moments that ring true for all dog-lovers. Anyone with a pup will appreciate how Susan Jeffers collaborates to bring McDuff to life with perfect canine expressions and positions.

If you get a chance, check out one of the McDuff books. Each of them is more delightful than the last!

Almost as delightful as my own dear children! ;)



  1. Grammy needs a 11x13 of that first picture!---Grammy

  2. What a great blog you have here! My 15 month old daughter loves books already--I'll definitely be back to read your recommendations!

    Love that first pic of your kids and the dogs. We have 3 dogs, so our house is doggy madness!

  3. A two year old now all grown up into a four year old insisted on wearing his "collar" just yesterday. And the dog ears made an appearance under a knight's helmet last week. Why limit dress-up to just being a knight, when you can be a doggy knight?

  4. I love the party idea. You look like you have as much fun as the kids:)

  5. Awesome! I love it - your little girl looks so cute with her dog accessories on! I love her cheeks!


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