January 18, 2010


I have a fun theme planned for this week and a full week's worth of posts, but I thought I would begin those tomorrow. With the disaster in Haiti and MLK Day, I didn't want to discuss anything frivolous today. Instead, here are a few links you may find inspiring:

USS Carl Vinson
My friend's husband is on the Vinson and shared with me the link to these pictures. They are doing relief work in Haiti and the photographs are both beautiful and heartbreaking. (If the link doesn't work, just search for the USS Carl Vinson in Facebook. These pictures are posted to their fan page.)

Compassion International Haiti Blog
We support a child in Thailand through Compassion International. We have always liked how they work through the local churches. They have offices in Haiti and the DR, and this blog shares what efforts they are making and how you can help.

Martin Luther King, Jr. coloring sheet
From the Discovery channel website, here's a simple coloring sheet of a cartoon MLK preschoolers will like.

Preschool Daze's MLK activities
This blog is good enough that she makes me want to become a preschool teacher. Seriously, Kristin is amazing. In this post she shares exactly what she taught her preschoolers about Martin Luther King, Jr., including what she thought appropriate to say about his death. They also watched his "I Have a Dream Speech" on the computer and then enjoyed a dance party. :) My kind of lesson!

Enjoy your day, and I will see you all tomorrow!

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