September 9, 2009

Big Sister!

As I mentioned in my last post, this week is a wee bit crazy. In between wiping snotty noses, rocking sleepless babies, and driving to and from pre-K, I am plumb out of creativity. I've got a great plan for next week, but this week I hope you'll forgive me and enjoy these random books and activities!

The Book - Wow, I'm a Big Sister! by Penny Nye

When you're eight months pregnant with your second child and you see a book about becoming a big sister for $.50, you buy it! I was pleasantly surprised by this little find. It's a spiral-bound notebook full of cute ink illustrations and questions for you and your daughter to fill out together. The questions are simple: "Where was I when the baby was born?" and "I think being a big sister is important because..." I filled it out with Little Page when her little sister was only a few months old. The answers she gave me are so precious! The back of the book provides blank pages to add pictures and drawings.

A year later, Little Page still loves to look through this book, and I love how it encourages sibling fondness. There is, of course, a Wow, I'm a Big Brother! version. :)

The Craft - Paper Alphabet Quilt

Beth at The Stories of A to Z made this incredible "paper alphabet quilt" for her son a few years ago. When Asher started daycare, they requested a poster that told about Asher and his family. Beth, being the creative genius that she is, decided to do project instead. I thought it would be a great project to ease the separation pangs of all of you mommies dropping your little ones off at daycare and preschool this past week! For instructions, visit Beth's blog at The Stories of A to Z. Oh yeah, did I mention Beth is my big sister? Wow!


  1. I absolutely LOVE that you have a different theme for each week. What a great idea. I just printed a bunch of coloring pages for my girl and she loves that she now has an A and a B on her wall. ha ha. We will eventually have all of them up there...

    I love this idea! I am thinking of maybe doing one but in a book form so she can take it with her to look at. Just laminate and bind the pages.

    So cute=)


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