February 21, 2012

Learning Lent

When I mentioned to my husband that all the Lenten devotionals I was finding were specifically Catholic, he just looked at me. As evangelicals, Lent has not been a traditional part of our family's Easter observance. But why not?
We celebrate the season of Advent; why not more so the season before Easter? So I was excited when I ran across this book:

by Dean Lambert Smith


I was familiar with her earlier The Advent Jesse Tree, and this book follows a similar format. Each day gives a symbol, a Bible passage, a short kid-friendly devotional highlighting how the day's symbol relates to Jesus, questions, a prayer, and a suggested activity. Like with a Jesse tree, you can make ornaments for each symbol, or just use it to open up the devotional time.

Along with the book, we'll be using our Cradle to the Cross Wreath. Each day we'll move the candle and Christ closer to Calvary and remember all season long His sacrifice and our response.

How are you observing Lent as a family? (Oh, and I just found out today that Pancakes are a traditional Fat Tuesday food. Can anyone say breakfast for dinner?!? Woo hoo! :)


  1. We will be reading through Canon's Adventure.

    1. Amon's Adventure that is. Stinking auto correct.

  2. I had no idea about the pancakes! I wondered why Kim asked about it. hehe... and it's so much fun to see the older posts with little A and E so much tinier. And an interesting note about Lent- the Methodist Church celebrates quite a bit. Perhaps it's just the denominations you've been around. I'm glad that you're using that awesome centerpiece!

  3. I don't know if we'll observe Lent, because we're not Catholic or any of the variations of "Catholic lite," but I'm thinking through how we might observe other things.

  4. Just an FYI... Dean Lambert Smith is a woman.

  5. You're right! My apologies to the author. I've edited the post accordingly.


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