February 1, 2011

Paper tube heart stamps

It took having children to get me to enjoy Valentine's Day. I love my hubby, but we're both way too independent to enjoy a holiday that dictates romance. So, I channel my inner pink-fanatic at the start of February and dive with my children into a world of hearts, hugs, and warm fuzzies.

Using a couple toilet paper tubes and some red and pink paint, I created heart stamps for the girls. It took a bit of practice to get the heart just right, but once it was firmly creased it worked well as a simple and disposable stamp.

A enjoyed the stamp for about 5 seconds before she moved on to full-blown finger painting. My "H is for Heart" turned into "H is for a horrendous, happy mess!"

E did a great job on her card. I love how the paint splattered in spots... although I later found out it was non-washable paint, and I spent part of the afternoon carefully scraping it off of my dining room table!

Valentine Surprise by Corinne Demas

Valentine SurpriseLily tries to create the perfect valentine for her mom. Each day she makes a new heart, but each day it isn't quite right: too lopsided, too skinny, too pointy. At the end of the week a frustrated Lily gives her mom all of the rejected hearts only to have her mom exclaim, "Oh, Lily! You made me one for every day of the week!"

This simple story has sweet illustrations and subtly teaches days of the week and shapes to young children in a gentle story that kids will easily relate to.


  1. I love how you bent the tube into a heart.

    I would love for you to link this post to my Virtual Valentine's Day Party on Feb. 6th.

  2. This is so simple, so cute and I'm so going to copy this! Now I need to know where my red finger paint is....

    thanks for sharing your idea!

  3. This is a wonderful paper tube craft, so simple and perfect. Thanks for posting this, my girls will love it.

  4. Cute, cute, CUTE! We have a snow day tomorrow, and I am definitely doing this with my girls! Lily's picture will be like E's, and Emmy's will be like A's!

  5. Great idea and they turned out so cute.

  6. Cute idea, we have tons of toilet paper tubes I've been saving up for a fun project!

  7. I love this simple heart idea! I think we'll try it tomorrow... sad to say I may have to dig in the garbage bins and hope I can find a TP tube! :P We'll see what I come up with! LOVE!

  8. Nice idea. We'll have to try this. Yikes about the paint!

  9. This is adorable, as always!

    I gave you an award today, come check it out.


  10. this is brilliant. you go, on the crafty crow again! ;)

  11. So cute! I think I will use this idea for our MOMS Club valentine craft. Thanks for sharing!


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