June 15, 2010

Feelings: Many Colored Days

How can you not love this book? It's my favorite Dr. Suess (probably because it has a different illustrator) and is the perfect book for discussing feelings with toddlers and preschoolers. I've had friends quote lines from the book as their Facebook status, so apparently it's great for adults, too!

by Dr. Suess

My Many Colored Days 

There's no shortage of activities you can do with this book, combining a lesson on colors and feelings. I've been wanting to try bubble painting, so after reading the story we headed outside. The project started off promising...

... but in the end the "paintings" looked like wet smudges, the baby drank some of the paint-soap-water mixture, and I was left with a mess.

If you're interested in attempting this yourself, you can find the directions at FamilyEducation.com. It calls for Tempera paint, but I'm not an art supply store and tried to make do with poster paint. Didn't work. The girls didn't seem to care, and when I pulled out the reliable finger paints they happily entertained themselves for the next hour. E painted a series on feelings, including a sad, happy, and grumpy picture. I particularly liked Mr. Sad.

A, of course, painted herself.


  1. We love this book too! Fun project!

  2. sounds like it turned out super cute anyway! Love that last picture :-)

  3. Never heard of this one! I am off to check it out!

  4. Such an awesome book. I used to do a bulletin board based on this book for back to school night when I taught first grade. The kids finger painted their feelings and I cut them out in the shape of a paper doll. I also had them write a sentence patterned after the book.

    Such awesome illustrations.

  5. You know as adults we have to re-teach ourselves to reconnect with our feelings and how they associate with colours. But kids already have that automatically in them! They paint what they feel inside them, and usually choose colours accordingly. It's a beautiful thing to watch!

  6. I've been going back through old posts to get ideas now that I'm starting "preschool" all over again with my 3 year old. Thanks again for so many good ideas. Our library is so tiny that it's good to have so many ideas of good books to put on hold, since there aren't a ton to browse in our little branch.


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