May 11, 2010

Love My Library!!!

It's finally here! The Love My Library link-up! I hope you are all ready with pictures of that precious building where we go for books, play dates, and (too often) sanity! I'll leave the Linky open until Saturday night, so check back all week to see everyone's local library. And don't forget to enter my Just for Me Sewing giveaway! Joining the party is worth THREE entries!

Since it's my party, I'll go first, but you have to promise not to hate me. I really can't help that I live near such an awesome library! The city built it just a couple years ago and it still has that "new library smell."  The children's library is upstairs, and we always take the elevator, because what toddler doesn't love pushing buttons?

Now follow the blue and green floor lights, making sure you step on every one.

And head straight over to the sensory play area!

Mom can keep an eye on everyone through the beautiful glass wall.

In fact, the entire library is full of these gorgeous glass windows and even glass jellyfish lamps!

No library would be complete without a play kitchen.

And we always spend some time in the preschool play area.

But our favorite part, of course, is the stacks!

I know, neat, huh? It really is a fantastic library, but when it gets crowded we visit our smaller, neighborhood library. It's where my girls' daddy went when HE was a boy!

It's not as new or flashy, but just as loved.

So now it's your turn! Whether it's old or new, big or small, show us that library you love!


  1. Wow! That's quite a library. We don't even have a children's museum that nice in our area.

    I'm hoping to link up tomorrow, but I have a couple more pictures to snap yet :)

  2. WOW!!! I'm sure we'd go to the library a LOT more often if ours was like that!!! Your library is more like a Children's Museum!!

  3. You are's hard not to hate you! ;) Your library is amazing...I've never seen one like it before! WOW!

  4. Wow! You live by an incredible library! Amazing! Thanks for this fun party!

  5. WOW I could never get them to leave they would want to live there :)

  6. Christianne,
    Is the first library you feature the one in Oceanview? I have yet to go there, but it looks fabulous!

  7. That is a great library! I'm jealous. I love the link up though, and I will be taking pictures soon to join in. I just found your blog through kidlit... Now I'm following you.

  8. Christianne, thanks for the link up idea! What a fun way to take a virtual tour. I've read before that libraries are an often forgotten stop on family vacations, but seeing some of these may make me plan my route! I love the sensory play area and huge kitchen in your pictures - what fun!

  9. Your library kicks my library's butt. My post is coming...I'm a little slow today...

  10. Wow! I love our library but we don't have play areas like that! Very jealous!! I just found your blog through Almost Unschoolers, and I'm heading to the library tomorrow. So I'll be taking pictures and linking up later this week.

  11. Oh my goodness I am totally jealous!! Both of your libraries look awesome! I hope to link up ours by the end of the week. Not as exciting but very loved by myself and my two little girls :0)

  12. Your library is incredible. I don't think we would ever leave. I also love that it has a separate can be kids without disturbing anyone. Maybe I can have our librarians check out your blog and all the other link ups!

  13. Ok, now I see why you love your library! Awesome!

  14. Umm, I want to come live by you so that I can go to your library! I want to link up, but our weather here has been too crummy for walking to our library to document our not-nearly-so-awesome library. Hopefully it clears up this afternoon so I can join the party!

  15. That is SUCH an amazing library! I agree completely with the other commenters who said it looks more like a children's museum. I'd be there all the time if I lived nearby. Our library is decent (and only about 5 years old), but there are a limited number of toys.

  16. What a great idea for a blog hop.

    I'm sorry I missed it, as I'm planning on taking my two to our local library babytime this week.

    Glad I found you & now following along.


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