April 26, 2010

MYO (Free!) Color Book

We all have our tricks for getting our toddlers through the grocery store. A baggy of goldfish and a sippy of juice is my personal favorite. Today required a little extra creativity, so while looking for chalkboard paint in Walmart's paint aisle, I grabbed a handful of paint chips for A to gnaw on play with. She is just on the cusp of learning her colors and loved looking at these free pieces of paper. It got us through the paint aisle, diaper aisle, and nearly the entire grocery department!

The Dutchboy paint swatches at Walmart come with square cut-outs, so when we got home I ran a ribbon through the holes to create a simple and free color book. I might glue pictures of colored items to the back of the cards, but at the moment this 5-second swatch book is the new favorite toy.

I also found at Walmart this great color book: Flaptastic Colors

You gotta love a flap book that's impossible to rip off the flaps! Each page of this board book opens up (in a different direction) to reveal the answer to the question...

... and show more examples of that color.

It's got a great color scheme and a clean design; I even like their font choices. If you're looking for a simple board book to introduce colors, I'd recommend checking this one out.


  1. Very resourceful! And, I'm working on a library post - great carnival idea!

  2. we love paint swatches! i made the exact thing a long time ago with mickey mouse paint swatches, these are so much better since they have the hole already in the card! :)

    the book looks great too! :)

    got my calendar marked we are ready

  3. I love the paint chip color book! Such a great idea for little ones!

  4. Great idea! And that book is calling my name ... must resist ... already have like 10 color books ... :)

  5. I picked up some of these to make a color book with last time I was at the store, but ended up using them for this.


    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. You should totally enter this into my Paint Sample Iron crafter! What a cute idea! : )


  7. cute, easy, cheap and useful! A perfect idea!

  8. What a fun idea. I love the idea of taking the colors in my house and making a little book like that to keep in my purse while I am shopping for accessories or things to go in my home. Cute!


  9. I justed wanted to let you know that you made the Top Ten on the Iron Crafter!

    Check it out here:

    Good Luck!!

  10. I love it, simple and quick to make.

  11. Great idea! We have that book too and love it!


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