April 14, 2010

Like a windy day

I am loving that A is starting to graduate out of three-word board books. I went to the library hunting for toddler-appropriate picture books and found this beauty.

Like a Windy Day by Frank Asch

Like a Windy DayHow can you not love a Frank Asch? In this simple story a little girl imagines what it would be like to "play like a windy day". The book is chock full of action verbs - zoom down hillsides, race streets, fly kites - and the illustrations capture this movement in beautiful color. The pictures are crisp and clean, filling the pages with small details children will love discovering.

My toddler ignored most of what I read to her and instead had fun pointing at objects on the page and emphatically declaring their names. Boat was a particular favorite. I was thrilled that she sat through the entire reading and didn't rush to turn the page or close the book. That's high praise from my 20 month old!

To celebrate our windy spring day, I made the girls some pinwheels.

You'll need:
  • scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • unsharpened pencil
  • pushpin
1. Cut out a square from the scrapbook paper using this template I found. I used an old calendar I had saved for just such a purpose.

2. Cut out a second square from solid color paper.

3. Glue the squares together and allow to dry. I stuck them in my old unabridged dictionary to press tightly together. Poor dictionary! How low has the digital age brought you!

4. Cut four diagonal lines into the corners of the paper, halfway in. Again, you can refer to the template.

5. Poke a hole into the corner of each of the sections (four holes total) and then one hole in the middle.

6. Fold the corners over so all holes meet in the center and align.

7. Carefully staple the corners to the center of the square.

8. Press and pushpin through the hole and into the wood of the pencil. You could push it into the eraser, but if you have little ones, they'll just pull it right off.

9. Let it spin!

What about you? Do you have any favorite wind-themed books?

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  1. One of our favorite wind books is "Gilberto and the Wind" - can't remember the author, but it's very cute. My daughter and I will have to try making this pinwheel. It seems way too easy and cute. :)

  2. You're SO inspiring! Caedmon loves to read and I have GOT to get off my hiney and take the kiddos to the library!

  3. Oh, I {lOVE} these!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Our preschool program read this book and made these pinwheels today! The kids loved them!

  5. My son loves pinwheels... we will have to make some together! What fun! : )


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