April 2, 2010

Like Sheep to the Slaughter

Isn't he adorable? The inspiration came from these sheep on Southern Living. My co-worker Mike saw it and tore out the page, knowing it was something my girls would love. Wasn't that thoughtful? His wife has trained him well! :)

The magazine used melted white candy coating to attach the mini marshmallows to a Milano body. I didn't have any candy coating so I planned on using melted white chocolate chips, but I didn't have any of those either. In the end I coated the Milano with marshmallow fluff and covered it with the marshmallows. I attached the Milano face, marshmallow eyes and ears, and mini chocolate chip pupils with the fluff as well. The hooves were mini pb cups from Trader Joes.

He ended up looking so cute! I took a few snapshots, got the baby up from her nap, and then went to get the sheep to surprise the girls...

Now I know why they suggested candy coating. Don't worry, we quickly put him out of his misery!

May you and your family be blessed this Easter weekend!


  1. I saw these on another blog and thought they were adorable. What a nice co-worker!

  2. very cute! I loved it when you put them out of their misery. he he

  3. This must be the CUTEST food creation EVER!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY EASTER!

  4. How cute is this! Can't wait to try this project when my LO is bigger!


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