April 9, 2010

Cheap Books

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'm a bit of a bibliophile. I love the public library and I do borrow books from friends when I can, but there's something about a well-stocked bookshelf. When we moved into our home, it didn't feel "right" until our books were unpacked. When we have guests over, I always feel a special kinship with those who browse our collection at some point in the evening. And if I am ever to visit your home, I promise not to open the medicine cabinet, but your books are fair game.

Unfortunately, books are expensive, so I buy them cheap when and where I can. My church hosts a consignment sale and every year I plunder it for children's books. In fact, I've begun to get a reputation and ladies have started snatching up books when they see me coming! Still, I did really well last night and found all of these books for less than a dollar each. I know, can you believe I didn't already own Alexander, Babar, and Mike Mulligan? Other than consignment sales, I like to hit consignment shops, thrift stores, and my absolute favorite... Ollies. I apologize to all of my international and west coast friends; Ollies is only on the East Coast. It's a bizarre store that sells random items at discount prices, but their kid's book selection is phenomenal. Brand new hardcover books are usually only around $3!

So spill it... where do you go for cheap books? (BTW, I've changed the comment feature to a pop-up window in the hope this will solve the issues some of you have been having commenting. Go ahead and give it a try and let me know if it didn't work for you.)


  1. Oh my goodness, I love Ollie's for really good books on the cheap!!

  2. I have no idea what Ollie's is, but I am wishing I did! I like going to goodwill--ours has a great selection of vintage books in fairly good condition! Also, we like the library sale cart--25 cents a book is hard to beat!

  3. You make me laugh! I'm so glad you got some great books last night. Funny thing was that while we were setting up I was thinking how the selection would probably disappoint you. There were only 2 books I really wanted and I'm glad you didn't want them too!

  4. I frequent Good Will and have found like new hardback Dr. Seuss books there for $1 each! Also our library has a "friends of the library" store and books can be found in there for pocket change!

    btw: I ♥ Babar, always have..even as a small child.

  5. If you have a friend with a school age child, the Scholastic News Book Order is pretty good. The prices have gone up, but they always have a feature book for a $1.

    I have also found great books at garage sales.

    BTW, I am working on a book sale for my church. If you have any tips or feelings one way or another about those sales, I'd love to hear them.

  6. Never ENOUGH BOOKS!!!! I love to stock our kid library with used books from Goodwill (when they are half off) and GARAGE sales. Yard sales in our town are CRAZY wonderful-- folks sell great kids books for a quarter a pop!!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog via UBP. It's fun checking out other blogs and getting to know people. I decided to comment here because I wanted to answer your question.

    Some of the books I have bought on the cheap I have found at Good-will and garage sales in the summer time. We have so many kids books we've run out of shelf space. It's ridiculous. We do support our son's school and buy books (not cheap) at their yearly book fair. In my hometown we have a store called Half Price Books (HPB) which actually are in several states. They sell new and used books. My son loves the Arthur books. Not as much as he used to since he started reading and loves having BIG chapter books read to him. I found a ton of Arthur books at HPB.

  8. I didn't know that Ollies sold books. In fact, I've never even been in there! Let's do an Ollies date sometime. :)

  9. bookmooch.com... I use it all the time for kids books and grown up books!


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