March 17, 2010

Fancy Nancy Party - Accessorize!

Little girls seem born with a desire to look and feel beautiful. At E's Fancy Nancy party, we did our best to help them feel as lovely outside as they already are inside. How? By accessorizing, of course! (It's the Fancy Nancy way.)

At La Salon, I applied the eye shadow color of their choice. Q-tips let me buy just one sample pack of eye shadow for all the girls. Each child was allowed to pick out a lip gloss to keep, and I applied a very light coat to their lips. (Minutes later - once they had the lip gloss in their own hands - nearly every girl looked like Ronald McDonald.)

While I played makeup artist, my mother-in-law gave the girls manicures. Again, we let them pick from several nail polish colors.

At the same time, my mom assisted girls in picking out a feathered boa.

Then they were asked to take a bangle from the top of the Eiffel tower, a jeweled ring from the bowl, a hat and a flower. My mom hot glued the flower onto the hat and then wrote the girl's name on the inside of the rim. (The boas and bangles were from the Dollar General. I found the basic straw hats and silk flowers at The Dollar Tree, and the ruffly hats at Target's dollar spot.)

I would have loved for the girls to cover the hats in lots of flowers, but it was too time-consuming with the hot glue gun. Many of the girls chose to wrap their boas around the rim of the hats, which worked great and looked fabulous.

When the make overs were complete, I sat all the girls down and let them take turns walking the "runway," pausing for me to take a picture of each of them while everyone cheered. I later used these pictures to make our thank you notes.

Doesn't the birthday girl look gorgeous? Wouldn't Fancy Nancy be proud? She - and the other children - had a blast getting dressed up and playing with make-up. I heard several times, "my mom never lets me do this!" After the fashion show they had worked up quite an appetite. Check out all my posts this week for menu ideas, decorations, and other tips for throwing the perfect Fancy Nancy party.


  1. You did an EXCELLENT, fabulous, super-stupendous job preparing and executing the perfect Fancy Nancy party!

    (Now, were my adjectives "fancy" enough?)

  2. E looks so cute! I love this idea. It makes me sad my daughter's birthday isn't for 10 months. Gives me time to get everything ready I guess...or maybe we'll just have a summer party for fun.

  3. I just love all these Fancy Nancy party ideas! I generally dread throwing a kid's birthday party, but you have me inspired.

  4. These are exactly the kinds of hats I envisioned here:


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