March 24, 2010

Easy Peasy Color Game

I'll admit it. I have no clue what to do with my kids until they turn 2 and can talk. E was an early talker. Actually, she was an early everything, so I didn't have to wait long to start teaching letters, colors, shapes, etc. She learned to read at 3, and at 5 she's flying through chapter books. A is moving at a slower (if much more normal) pace.

Here is a simple activity that engaged both my girls. These Color Matching Eggs are a first introduction to colors. All you need is a 6-egg carton, some plastic eggs, and paint.  Paint the inside of the carton cups to match the eggs. E was happy to do this for me during A's nap.

When it's dry, stick the eggs in and close it up as a surprise for baby! (Yes, I know she looks like a boy in that outfit, but today is laundry day and this is what was clean. My poor girls don't grow long hair until they're nearly 3.)

A pulled the eggs out one by one and showed them to E who told her the color. It was seriously the cutest thing to witness. A loved hearing each egg's color name and rewarded E with big smiles. Honestly, it's moments like this that make those extra nine months of puking so worth it. I love watching the girls develop a friendship.

Later, E decided to dump out the eggs and try to let A put them in the right spot. The baby was happy to oblige her big sister and place each egg where she was told.

Speaking of eggs...

Good Egg by Barney Saltzberg

Good EggHere is a board book that won't bore you. Egg is as talented as any pet. He can stay, sit, and roll over (with a little help from your toddler and a few tricky pull-tabs.) The graphics are clean, simple, and while your baby won't understand the ironic humor of the story, he will love to make egg move. The end of the book gives little ones a surprise when you ask the egg to "speak".

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  1. What a cute and easy activity! It is too cute to see you girls play together!


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