March 31, 2010

Bunnies on the shirt! Bunnies in the hair!

Bunnies everywhere! E's preschool Easter party is this Thursday and the poor child had nothing festive to wear. I know, the shame! Obviously I'm being facetious, but E's classmates are so often decked out in the cutest, gymboree-est outfits, it makes me a little embarrassed I clothe her continually in t-shirts and jeans. So, this time I'm clothing her in an adorable t-shirt and jeans.

I ran across a bunny stencil download at Two Giggle Boxes and used it to do a simple bunny applique on E's old t-shirt. It's a size too small, but I figured we could squeeze one more use out of it before it was stuffed into the attic. The fabric I used for the bunny is a scrap I had on-hand, and I thought the green and blue was a nice change from pink.

To complete the ensemble, I attempted this bunny ponytail holder inspired by Vanessa at Silly Eagle Books. (If you don't know Vanessa, run-do-not-walk over to Silly Eagle Books and check her out. When I read "we go through books the way pandas tear through bamboo forests," I knew I had found a kindred spirit. Seriously, you're going to love her.) Vanessa used large buttons and pretty ribbon to make her ponytails. All my buttons were ugly, however, so I covered one in the same fabric as the shirt. Vanessa and I debated whether eyes would make these accessories even cuter, so I went ahead and glued a couple on. You be the judge. I think I like Vanessa's minimalist approach better, but E was happy with her new hair doodad.

And because I promised you meaningful Easter books this week (not to mention I am plum out of bunny books)...

Let's Celebrate Jesus on Easter by Amy Beveridge

Let's Celebrate Jesus on Easter (Holiday Discovery)This board book (it comes in a $3 paperback version as well) is a great companion to The Easter Story. Instead of explaining the origin of Easter, the book lists some of the fun things we do at Easter-time and then juxtaposes that fun thing with a truth about God. For example, one page shows a little boy looking for Easter eggs with his friends accompanied by the words "At Easter I will hunt for eggs..." The next page shows him holding his dad's hand in a crowd and finishes the sentence with "But Jesus never has to hunt for me- he always knows right where I am. 'Every moment you know where I am.' Psalm 139:3"

I was a little dismissive of this book at first, because it seems to focus on the secular aspects of the holiday, but I've grown to appreciate it. Much of our celebrating does involve egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, and I like how the book ties these familiar things into spiritual truths my girls can understand. I also appreciate the inclusion of short Bible verses in each section. The book finishes with a simple prayer that is perfect to finish up our bedtime routine.


  1. cute. I love simple appliques like this.

  2. That bunny shirt is absolutely adorable! happy Easter!!!

  3. Hey Christianne! Love the shirt and all of the adorable crafts on your site! I've been "catching up" since it's been a little crazy here. My mom just sent me the recipe for the same resurrection cookies you posted and I can't wait to make them with the kids this weekend. Your family is beautiful and you have been in my prayers. Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. Love your version and LOVE the bunny hair tie!

  5. The T shirt and hair tie is sooo cute!

  6. The shirt and hairbow are SOOOO cute! My daughter would love them!!!

  7. My internet was out for two days! Just now catching up and I LOVE how this turned out!! That bunny applique is darling and the eyes are so fun! You are fast on the crafts! :) Thanks for the kind words about my blog, twin.

  8. Adorable, as always. You have such great models for your creations. :) I want to bookmark every post! I keep getting behind on them, so don't mind my almost two week late comment.


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