November 18, 2009

Stare at my... step!

My sister is hosting a blog party! Now, mine is not a decorating blog. I'm afraid all the decorating genes were passed on to my sisters. When they were out hanging with friends, looking fashionable and fabulous, my hair was in a ponytail and my nose in a book. Come to think of it, not much has changed! Still, I never miss one of Beth's parties - virtual or otherwise - so I thought I would take a pause from all of our wonderful children's books and crafts to showoff my own "staircase".


Yep, this is it. I live in a small, one-story house with pull-down stairs to the attic and a small step into the covered-porch-turned-living-room. The pull-down stairs are ugly, but since they're neatly folded up into the hallway ceiling 99% of the time, I chose to tackle the little step.

Obviously we haven't painted it in awhile. Our house was built in 1939, so I have no clue how many times this step has been painted, but at one point in it's life it was a dark green.


Aren't you impressed?!? I mean c'mon. Who but me, with my vast artistic talent, could make a step this amazing? Okay, I know it's nothing special, but it definitely looks better with a fresh coat of paint, and I have big plans for it...

The step leads into our family room, where we hang out, watch TV, and - most importantly - play Beatles Rock Band. We love having friends over, and this is the room where they feel most at home. So my idea is this: to make this step a siggy spot. I'll give each friend a sharpie and they can sign their John Hancock all over this sad little step! Just imagine him covered in the colorful scrawls of our closest friends... a little random, perhaps, but a simple way for this ponytail-wearing, book-loving, decorating-challenged girl to add some personality to an otherwise boring spot!

Thanks to everyone visiting from The Stories of A to Z! If you've got little ones at home, feel free to check back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for kid's book and craft recommendations!


  1. Thanks for linking up sis :)! I think your step looks cute all monogrammed. You've seen my handwriting. Would you like me to sign your step??? :)

  2. I love the idea of having everyone sign the step, a great idea! I live in a one story, not even a single step in our house or else I would totally copy your idea!

  3. I love this...though I'm afraid my kids would feel they got the go ahead to finish "coloring" the step. They'd totally ruin my masterpiece. ;)

  4. I love this!! Yeah, I was thinking of showing a before picture of the stairs in our apartment building and an after picture of the place we're moving to in two weeks. But that would be cheating, and anyway we live on the ground floor, so don't use the stairs and I don't have a picture of the place we're moving to. I love the idea of having everyone sign it.

  5. Creative, and I am amused. Reminds me of our neighbors in Texas who used a door frame to record heights at birthdays. They even wanted Eli to be ceremonially measured for their height gallery.

  6. Christianne... I love the photos you post - what kind of camera are you using?

  7. That is a great idea:) I wish I had a "step"!

  8. Thanks for the compliment on the photos! I use a Canon Digital Rebel, which can do ALOT more than I know how. I've found the key to good photography is lots of light and the flash turned off. My house unfortunately is light-challenged, so I often prop the camera on anything stable enough to use as a makeshift tripod.


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