July 17, 2009

A Mermaid Tea Party

The Book - Mermaid Cookbook by Barbara Beery

Are you familiar with Beery's cookbooks? If not, you're in for a treat, literally! Her books are full of eye candy and delicious recipes kids love to make and eat. I have given several of her cookbooks as gifts to my nieces, and they loved them. Although geared towards older children (9-12), I see no reason why preschoolers wouldn't enjoy helping to make - and consume - these recipes. The Mermaid Cookbook is on-par with Beery's other books, containing sea-themed recipes like sea turtle cookies and maiden mermaid salad.

The PARTY!!! - An Under the Sea Mermaid Tea

I can't finish off our mermaid week without telling you about the party we had a few months ago. When Little Page turned 4 I threw a party combining two of her loves: mermaids and a tea party. We invited all the ladies in her life (grandmas, aunts, cousins) and had a wonderful time celebrating Little Page's birthday.

We dined on mini muffins, multiple types of tea sandwiches, caprese skewers, and delicious scones, all served on tiered platters made from plastic vases hotglued to plastic platters.

Crepe paper streamers formed the waves and paper fish swam above our heads.

A mermaid cake completed the tea. My sister made this cake, baking it in a bowl to create the rock. She had a mermaid barbie in her house, which she decorated with icing and placed on top of the cake. You could also use a regular barbie, insert the legs into the cake and pipe a tail onto the rock. After icing the rock, she piped waves along the base, added some flowing icing seaweed, and stuck in a few goldfish. It looked phenomenal and Little Page was over the moon about it!

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